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Working remote for the first time?
Miss your chai breaks?  We gotcha!

Grab virtual chai with interesting folks across the internet. Curated 1-1s or group chats - you choose!

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How it Works

How Does it Work?


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Receive an invite next Saturday with a curated connect

Grab Chai!

Grab a cup of chai & say hello to your new friend!

We Feel You

Why Grab Chai?

Having worked remote for over 14 months, one thing we miss the most in a traditional office setup is the chai breaks!

  • Stressed? Chai w/ bestie

  • Brainstorming? Chai w/ team

  • Bored? Chai w/ group

  • Manager f*cked you over? Office gossip? Late night support calls?

ONE ANSWER to all of ‘em: CHAI

Remote Work Day

A typical day? Nah. 


Start your day with a cuppa "garam" chai



Grab a virtual chai with a curated connect


Turn 'em lights out. (another cup of chai?)

Werk werk werk. It's lunch time!

3000+ people connected, 
here's some who grabbed chai with a new friend :) 

Show up. Grab Chai. Meet someone new. Have a candid conversation.
Life long ___ship? Maybe? Maybe not. That's it. No expectations :)

*limited cups of tea

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